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Who am I?

My name is Claudia

Drawing and later also painting is a common thread in my life. Growing up on an arable farm in the Noordoostpolder, I made works of subjects that had made an impression on me. Drawing and later also painting is a common thread in my life. Growing up on an arable farm in the Noordoostpolder, I made works of subjects that had made an impression on me. This could vary from impressions from the film The Lion King to the Overloon museum.

During my medical studies at the Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, drawing, observing and visual thinking came in handy in several courses and in designing the front cover of my thesis. After Rotterdam I completed my specialization as Gastroenterologist in Nieuwegein and Utrecht. After which I started working as an MDL doctor at the Deventer Hospital. Design and drawing became an important support for the explanation in the consultation room and for the many teaching moments.

From 2018 I started to get acquainted more seriously with the different materials and techniques. I grew to love the process of seeing a work come to life from rough sketches. In 2020 I learned digital techniques and discovered more and more possibilities through (online) courses, workshops, other illustrators and the inspiring teachers of I noticed that it had a lot in common with the medical profession where it is also about communication, clarification, problem solving, (technical) knowledge and seeing other perspectives.

In the autumn of 2022, I stopped as a practicing gastroenterologist and set up ClaudiaStreken. I was allowed to make a mural for the Agricultural Miniatures Museum at the Averlo-Frieswijk-Schalkhaar Museum. On assignment I illustrated a medical overview article for the UMCU gastroenterology department. Together with Willeke Groeneweg I exhibited works in the De Kuip Community Center and later at the Brink in Deventer at Kunst aan Z. I was also able to make business cards, brochures and doors more interesting.

I am currently also a medical teacher at Saxion Health Academy.

What am I doing?

Realistic and recognizable work

Illustrations and art is powerful. In addition to making the world more beautiful, they can clarify a topic or text. Illustrations can evoke different emotions in different people. They also can tell a story independently.

As an illustrator, I have the unique combination of my experience as a (medical) doctor and the ability to quickly understand (medical) scientific subjects and translate them into a clear image for different target groups. So this is a focus of mine. But I like to depict people in general, portraits, animals, stories, scientific and historical subjects.

I work with different traditional techniques. You can think of: graphite, charcoal, soft pastel, ink, watercolor paint, acrylic paint, oil paint or a mix of these. In addition, I work digitally. My work is realistic. I make custom works when it comes to assignments. Quality and good communication are important to me.

I also make works from my own inspiration, on the website you can view them where you can also read some more background about what inspired me and which technique I used.

Feel free to contact me. I can also indicate whether a work is for sale and in what form. For example, some drawings are only available in print because they were created in my sketchbook.

View my work here

How do I work on assignment?

Shaping together

An illustration has a different working process than, for example, making a portrait painting. I would like to have contact with you first to discuss the possibilities and the work process. Please feel free to contact me with your idea or question. 

Feel free to contact me

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